Identify underlying health issues in your employees.

Onegevity’s next-generation Health Intelligence artificial intelligence platform can identify underlying health issues in your employees. Use our comprehensive intake questionnaires and evaluative at-home test kits to transform your employee wellness fairs into interactive and individualized performance programs.

Help employees understand the root causes of symptoms that may be keeping them up at night. In turn, improve health-care costs, decrease workdays lost, increase employee retention, and enhance employee performance.

When did corporate wellness programs become population-based?

Employers who provide personalized health programs create a high-performance culture with remarkable savings in health-care costs. Eliminate the traditional biometric screenings and “cattle call” wellness fairs from your workplace and instead promote each individual employee’s health goals.

Onegevity specializes in “silent” health issues – the issues your employees don’t use as their excuse for missing work: gut health, women’s health, stress, physical performance, and more.

Did you know that IBS-related physician visits (adjusted for prevalence) occur at approximately the same rate as physician visits for asthma and migraine headaches?

Not counting prescription medications and OTC medications, it's estimated that more than $30 billion is spent annually on treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome just in the United States. This estimate comprises both direct costs, the measurable uses of health-care resources, as well as the indirect costs from productivity losses in the workplace – borne by the employer – due to missed days from work (absenteeism) and decreased work efficiency (presenteeism).

At least one-third of employees who have IBS miss an average of one day of work per month due to their IBS symptoms. These employees report, via various surveys, a 15-21 percent greater loss in work productivity because of gastrointestinal symptoms than employees who don’t have IBS.1

Given the now well-known direct link of gut health to mental and physical health, and considering how the whole body is negatively affected by gut dysbiosis, optimizing a person’s gut health can be the single-most-important starting factor for benefiting employee health.

How Onegevity Programs Work

1.  Collect

We offer either in-house clinic options or at-home evaluations for easy, interactive, and informative measures. Based on trillions of other human data points, our artificial intelligence-driven system integrates the metrics collected and makes a personalized health plan for each employee.

2.  Optimize

Programs include education modules tailored to drive holistic changes that make big health impacts, personalizing diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle to improve health and maximize workplace productivity.

3.  Track

Our visual reporting provides the easiest understanding of how a person’s health is tracking. Generate positive outcomes for your employees, minimize lost workdays, and achieve a positive financial impact on your bottom line.

What Makes Onegevity Different?

  • Comprehensive analysis of health history and future goals
  • State-of-the-art and interactive clinical experience evaluates body composition, cognition, blood chemistries, and more
  • Virtually painless and novel capability of drawing blood
  • At-home test kits for microbiome collection
  • Multi-scale health data linking health metrics, interventions, and outcomes
  • Visually appealing, educational health reports
  • Personalized dietary supplement recommendations shipped to the home
  • Immense employer cost savings and employee retention
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Onegevity Can Address Big Health Concerns

  • Gut microbiome health and gastrointestinal health conditions – both of which impact metabolism (energy and body composition), mental health, mood, autoimmune disorders
  • Women’s hormonal health, including PCOS, fertility, and menopause
  • Physical and mental performance
  • Preventative health
  • And more

Onegevity’s Corporate Performance Program is best for…

  • Executive health
  • High-performing workplaces
  • Employees with long days and heavy travel schedules
  • Shift workers
  • Health-care institutions
  • Technology-based companies
  • Women-predominant companies
  • Workplaces with exposure to environmental toxins

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  1. Am J Manag Care. 2005;11:S7-S16 and Digestion 2004;69:254-261.