How To Use With Clients

1. Make a Professional Account; upload your information and client lists.
2. Add Patients within your portal. They are notified to purchase a kit and results are automatically shared with you both.
3. Educate yourself with Onegevity webinars, articles, and supplement offerings while you wait.

How The Professional Account Works


Identify a patient

IBS symptoms, digestive issues, weight fluctuations, inflammation, food insensitivities/allergies, and those experiencing changes in general skin, mood, or mental health.



Register for a professional account and add your patient within your portal. They purchase and test at-home; you’re notified when results are in so you can consult.



Our Health Intelligence platform makes the best, research-backed recommendations based on their results for general diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle. Incorporate these into your practice and review how their results compare to others.

Professionals using our Gutbio test

  • Doctors, PAs, NPs from all specialties
  • RDs, NDs, health coaches
  • Sports Medicine, Coaches, Trainers

Why our Professionals love Gutbio

  • HIPAA compliant, private sharing of results for telehealth consults
  • User-friendly interface, easy to understand reports
  • No need to hold inventory or front the cost of kits
  • Printable results to add to a medical chart
  • Actionable insights- get clients started on a gut health program immediately
  • Extra education to help you become an expert
Register A Professional Account

Gutbio provides insight for you and your patient on the biggest factors impacting gut health:

Scores are explained and compared to others alike.
Inflammation, Constipation, and Diarrhea Risk
Onegevity identifies and measures all of the research-backed bugs linked to these symptoms and a list of the biggest influencers. Patients see a calculated risk score and personalized recommendations for decrease risk.
Micronutrient Production
With the right bugs in the gut, B-vitamins can be produced. Understand your patient’s production capability based on their presence and how this relates to their intake, what’s in their blood, and if they need to be supplementing.
Keystone Taxa
Onegevity is constantly updating this list with influential identifiable organisms and how they relate to major health conditions.
Pathogen Identification
If they’re in the sample, our analysis will detect it.
Full Community Breakdown
A favorite aspect of our Professional account holders, get a downloadable report of every microorganism identifiable with a comparison of your patient’s value to others. Add this to their medical file.
And More!

The personalized recommendations from the test include:

Habitual Diet

Based on Gutbio test results, Onegevity recommends a diet that incorporates foods and nutrients, and avoids culprits that will help to optimize gut bacteria populations.

Tasty, Chef-Designed Recipes

Receive access to a handful of delicious and satisfying recipes that follow the specific diet recommendation.

Dietary Supplements

Prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and more. Education within the portal can help you help your patient take what they need.


The holistic approach to health goes beyond food and supplements. Simple sleep, movement, and other lifestyle changes can benefit your patient from the inside out.

Why next-generation shotgun sequencing?

Whole-genome shotgun sequencing or metagenomic sequencing is the most in-depth analysis available. It identifies and measures the DNA from every microorganism within the stable, room-temperature sample, providing a full report on viruses, yeast, fungi, and parasites down to the strain level.

Other’s 16S sequencing only looks at bacteria.

Even though our sequencing is complex, are reports are not. You don’t need to be an expert in genomics, the gut microbiome, or machine learning to read and understand Gutbio results.

Testimonials From Our Trusted Professional Customers

Matt Dawson, MD

CEO & Co-Founder, Wild Health

"At Wild Health, our goal is to take a comprehensive, holistic approach to deliver personalized medicine, and this simply isn't possible without microbiome data. We've made numerous meaningful changes for our patients based on the data we've gotten from Onegevity. We use Onegevity after researching all the companies on the market and determining we most trusted their science and scientific team."

Professional Toolkit

Within your portal, receive access to additional tools and education to help you provide the right care for your patients—while you wait for results and once results are back!

  • Nutritional supplement information for products your patients may be recommended
  • Exclusive educational webinars, podcasts, and deep dives into the science
  • A personal Resource Contact dedicated to getting you started and comfortable with the Gutbio process
  • And more!
Register A Professional Account