OnegevityTM Health Intelligence Platform

A Combination of Novel and Gold-Standard Analytics with Expert Human Assistance

What is Health Intelligence?

Onegevity™ Health Intelligence is a proprietary platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to map, integrate, and understand the billions of dynamic biological features that describe the state of an individual's health. This Health Intelligence platform distills complex health and -omics data (e.g., microbiome, genome, blood biomarkers) into actionable information on opportunities to optimize health and wellness. We use pattern recognition and deep neural networks to sift through trillions of data points to find the patterns and anomalies within the physiological data points. Our platform also leverages the billions and trillions of data points collected on other individuals similar to you so that you can optimize your health using the collective intelligence of the Onegevity community.

What is multi-omics?

Multi-omics is a biological analysis approach in which data sets include multiple "omes," such as the genome, proteome, transcriptome, epigenome, and microbiome – to study life in a rigorous way.

What is a neural network?

Neural networks are sets of algorithms designed to recognize patterns.

What sets apart Onegevity Health Intelligence?


Identify Biological Meaning

One crucial differentiator is that we identify biological meaning. Complex data analytics produce a wide array of patterns from data. Our AI system can properly interpret the findings and identify an appropriate biological meaning to the patterns. Human involvement in this process ensures the algorithms provide safe and effective recommendations to the user.


Personalized ‘Precision Wellness’

Onegevity focuses on ‘precision wellness.’ Our objective is not to diagnose. We identify patterns of variation associated with diminishing wellbeing. Precision wellness requires extensive data collection from an individual (biological, physiological, etc.). We use machine learning to curate results with actionable solutions for diet, nutrition, and lifestyle measures. Our solutions are individual lifestyle recommendations intended to restore altered patterns to an increased state of thriving.


Novel and State-of-the-Art Algorithmic Methods

Onegevity Health applies state-of-the-art, reliable, and repeatable methodologies to the field of machine learning. Our uniqueness is putting together the complex fields of -omics, digital health, AI, scientific wellness, and health-care delivery into a single sophisticated platform.


Expert Collaborations

Onegevity collaborates with both established and pioneering industry partners to design the best products, solutions, and experiences to upgrade your health, including:


Advanced Clinical Research

Our novel insights and capabilities have been developed through clinical trials in the most complex conditions, such as human space flight, large-scale medical studies, military Special Forces, rare diseases, and more. Our scientific team has 400-plus publications in high impact, peer-reviewed journals and more than 50 years of combined scientific industry and research experience.

*Onegevity pays a maximum of 10% indirect costs to universities and other research institutions.

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