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Agebio: A Blood Biomarker Assessment of Biological Age

Laura Kunces, PhD, RD

At any given age, do you ever wonder how some are healthy and vibrant, and others require significant medical care? Do you know someone who lived a vigorous life deep into their 80s or 90s? It has much to do with one’s biological age, the age your body thinks it is, rather than chronological age, the age the calendar says you are. Biological age is known to be a better predictor for health, wellness, and risk of disease, impairment, and mortality over the life span.1 

Given we are in the middle of a global pandemic, health optimization is a top of mind. You may be asking yourself, ‘what can I be doing today to help me stay healthy, through this climate but also as I continue to age?’ The ultimate goal for us all is to live more healthy years as each calendar year passes. Discovering your biological age and transforming your lifestyle to encourage the lowest possible internal, physiological age is the best place to start. 

Look no further! Introducing Agebio

Agebio is a simple, quick, and affordable evaluation to determine your biological age. It requires blood biomarker values, either input to the Onegevity system by you (available today), or from a quick blood draw at a Quest Lab (coming soon!). Your values are compared to tens of thousands of other individuals across generations through a statistically validated algorithm. 

Agebio computes estimations of biological age, liver age, kidney age, lipid age, metabolic age, and a heme/immune age score, offering deep insight into how your body, specific organs, and systems are affected by your lifestyle, environment, nutrition, and daily habits. It also provides you an Aging Rate- an assessment of how fast your body is aging and a comparison to others your age and sex. Learn how your kidneys are operating, how old your liver is, or if your immune system is working like those younger than you. 

Based on your age scores, Agebio provides personalized recommendations for the best diet style to follow, which dietary supplements will support the organs and biomarkers best, and educational resources for getting started on better lifestyle practices. 

What is unique about Agebio

You can get started today! Onegevity’s Agebio allows you to input blood work you have from a physical, previous doctors visit, or from your electronic medical record.

Version 2 (coming soon!) will help you obtain the bloodwork you need without seeing the doctor. Later this year, you will be able to purchase the panel on Onegevity and take the requisition form to a Quest Diagnostics lab near you. Arrive fasted, have your blood drawn, and results and Agebio report will automatically populate in your Onegevity profile in a few days.

Onegevity uses common clinical biomarkers you would have analyzed for your yearly physical or visits to a doctor. The key to optimal health is tracking. Longitudinal measures over months or years will show patterns of aging by measuring accumulation of cellular damage overtime. As part of your medical history, you likely have Agebio blood values you would need to start tracking.  

Results are educational and easy to understand. You can visualize these numbers in a new light; instead of knowing if your levels are within a clinically normal range or abnormal, understand how they are affecting your body’s age and even specific organs or systems in the body. 

Even seemingly “normal” values can age you based on their proportions and abundance to other biomarkers. 

Recommendations are actionable and based on your results. You may already be eating the diet best for you, or you could benefit from a daily supplement or two. Others may be suggested a whole lifestyle revamp. Get started with the knowledge of your biological age and which organ-specific age score needs your immediate attention along with how to improve it.  

Agebio is the brainchild of world-renowned, award-winning scientists Drs. Leroy Hood and Nathan Price and Onegevity’s CEO Paul Jacobson and CSO Dr. Bodi Zhang. Dr. Hood is the inventor of groundbreaking scientific instruments, including DNA and protein sequencers in the 1980s, significantly advancing the Human Genome Project and treatment opportunities for HIV. He is only one of 15 scientists to be elected into all three national academies, the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Medicine, among others, and has received 17 honorary degrees, and the distinguished National Medal of Science from President Obama in 2013. Dr. Price co-directs the Hood-Price Integrated Lab for Systems Biomedicine at the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle. Each has been selected for numerous prestigious awards for their work in pioneering ‘scientific wellness’ and together, they have over a thousand publications in this field. 

Is Agebio for me?

Its never too early to take a proactive approach to health and wellness. Onegevity believes yearly bloodwork should be a minimum, your health should be a top priority, and simple or small changes can compound to large benefit. 

While an advancing chronological age is inevitable, your biological clock can be slowed, and even reversed with actionable nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, lowering risk for prevalent age-related conditions. Agebio is for those looking to gain years on their health span. 

  1. Levine ME. Modeling the rate of senescence: can estimated biological age predict mortality more accurately than chronological age? J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2013;68(6):667-674. doi:10.1093/gerona/gls233.