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Introducing Performbio

Onegevity Science Team

We track our daily lives now more than ever. We have health trackers monitoring us most of the day either in our pockets, on our wrists, or wrapped around our fingers. The abundance of information can help us make informed diet, nutrition, and lifestyle decisions to shape and optimize our lives. Onegevity believes this is the baseline for consumer performance tracking. Today, data health tracking is more important than ever, not just for consumers but for elite athletes. So we ask why stop there? To understand peak performance, you need to have an inside out approach. This is why we developed Performbio, a 3-in-1 comprehensive at-home integrated performance test that measures blood, saliva, and microbiome to optimize performance from the inside out.

Which high-performance categories does Performbio by Onegevity measure? The ones that are most impactful to all systems of your body. Below are the ten categories Performbio analyzes through a comprehensive questionnaire, gut microbiome test, blood and saliva measures -- showing your score, how you compare to others of your same age and sex, and what you need to do to improve integrating the results within categories. 

  1. Training Load: Tracking your training load can tell you a lot about yourself, and the amount and type of exercise can have profound impacts on lipid metabolism, inflammation, bone density, sleep, and more. 
  2. Sleep: Your diet, mood, physical activity, training (amount, time of day), hormones, and gut health affect your capabilities to fall asleep, stay asleep, and receive high-quality sleep. Similarly, your sleep can influence all your daily activities and physical health. Learning what is influencing your sleep can have a domino effect on your whole-body health. 
  3. Nutrition: What, when, and how much we eat and how we feel after is only part of the equation. Specific nutrients can influence the bacteria in our gut, in turn influencing hormone levels, energy, metabolism, and cellular repair. Learn what you need to optimize your gut -- starting with digestion, absorption, and maintaining balance and health-- based on where your gut and hormones are today.
  4. Stress: Stress can be physical or mental and can be good or bad. It can be reflected in your cortisol levels, but also reflected in gut bacteria counts, how you sleep, the ability to lose weight or gain muscle mass, and how effective you can exercise. Performbio measures cortisol in the morning and how it changes in the evening.
  5. Mood: It’s staggering how many people are affected by anxiety and depression-- issues we now know are directly linked to gut health. The body makes about 90% of serotonin-- the happiness neurotransmitter-- in the gut. If you have noticed your ability to stay cool, calm, and collected has been changing the way you feel, sleep, and eat, it may be because of your gut.
  6. Performance Drive: Motivation, including sex drive, plays a crucial role in our day. The gut secretes bile acids to digest fats, which are precursors for synthesizing sex hormones like testosterone. Testosterone regulates body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and more. Through analysis of the gut, hormones, and inner drive, you can see your drive compared to others. Performbio directly measures testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, and DHEA levels from saliva. 
  7. Gut Diversity and Inflammation: A diverse gut means you have a variety of good bacteria in the highest amounts, which can lower your inflammation risk. Gut diversity can improve mood, sleep, weight management, reduce the risk for chronic disease, and more. 
  8. Gut Metabolism: In addition to serotonin, your gut bacteria create an environment to metabolize amino acids, short-chain fatty acids, and other byproducts that supply energy, support mood, maintain gut integrity and immune function, and influence nutrient digestion, absorption, and blood status. Performbio reports on your ability to produce amino acids, short-chain fatty acids, bile acids, creatinine, micronutrients, and more from specific bacteria in your gut. 
  9. Energy: Energy is influenced by all other categories, but by figuring out if your body has the right level of nutrients, hormones, and is optimally metabolizing what it’s being provided and making, you can be set up for energy success throughout the day. Performbio directly measures your lipid profile (including HDL, LDL, triglycerides, and total cholesterol) which facilitate hormone or vitamin production, metabolism, and can influence the way your heart and brain function.
  10. Recovery: A combination of sleep, vitamins, hormones, lower inflammation, and the ability to ramp down after a full day. Performbio directly measures vitamin D, cortisol, and hs-CRP, and integrates the results with other aspects of your report relating to recovery. 

Establish a baseline and find out which areas of your life need an upgrade. This test can show you which category needs the most focus, and over-time, retest to understand how the improvements of specific categories impact other aspects of your life. Learn more about Onegevity’s Performbio and get started with questionnaires on training load and sleep today.