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Use Onegevity to Transform Your In-Person Practice Into A Thriving Telehealth Practice

Onegevity Science Team

Social distancing and self-quarantining have turned our professional and personal lives upside down. Only time will tell when and if our lives will go back to normal. So we need to adapt. As healthcare professionals, we’ve had to get creative with our patients, appointments, and care we can continue to provide.

Many routine appointments or general health check-ups have been postponed or canceled, delaying our ability to see patients, get lab work done, and provide health interventions to keep patients as healthy as possible through these uncertain and scary times. But just because you can’t sit face to face with your patient, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to provide high-quality, advanced care to them another way.

Onegevity has a solution for healthcare professionals looking to maintain their practice and move to a telehealth model: The Onegevity Health Intelligence Platform. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sense of huge data inputs from the at-home gut microbiome, blood, and saliva tests. It provides easy to read reports with insights, education, and personalized recommendations. Everything Onegevity offers can be done both in-person or online, making us the solution for your practice today and in the future.

Professionals in the Onegevity network have benefited from critical aspects during their transition to E-health:

1. Professionals have their own portal. It is free and straightforward to use.

Register a new account, add your patients one-by-one or upload an excel file to add many at once. Click which patient should buy a test, and they are notified by email.

2. Patients purchase kits online, and they are mailed to their home in just a few days.

You don’t need to see them in person to give them a kit, nor do you need to hold inventory in your office. It avoids them sitting in a waiting room or obtaining a requisition to get lab work done and complies with the stay-at-home guidelines.

3. Patients collect a sample in the comfort of their home and drop in their USPS mailbox with a pre-paid return label.

Kits include all supplies needed to collect a sample, an instructional booklet, and videos for the specific test collections (microbiome, blood, and saliva). There is no need to physically return a sample to a lab or stand in line at a shipping center. The entire process can be done without direct contact with other people.   

4. Reports are made simple.

Easy to read insights, reference values, and color-indicating graphs are simple to read. A table of contents allows you to seamlessly jump from one section of the report to another.

Make a telehealth consult using any video service you are comfortable with to review their results and recommendations. You view precisely what they see. The conversation can focus on the patient rather than trying to explain and describe how you interpret the findings and recommendations. Patients will be extremely pleased with the experience.

5. Personalized dietary supplement recommendations can be added right through the patient’s portal.

Your patient can purchase their options, and these, too, will be delivered in a matter of a few days directly to their doorstep. They don’t need to search websites for options or visit the local store, and you can see when they purchase. The actionable recommendations can support drastic changes while patients are home, focusing on their wellbeing.

Onegevity is working with numerous individual practitioners and group health practices providing integrative, functional, concierge, and holistic state-of-the-art multi-omic testing. Gutbio by Onegevity has been a proven solution for Professionals looking to continue the same expert care they provide now and get solutions to their patients while we’re all staying home. Professionals have been able to build their online presence, gain patients experiencing a multitude of different symptoms, and transform their business into a thriving E-health business.

Onegevity wants to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed. We’ve made education to help you understand the relationship of the microbiome in patients with IBS, IBD, Metabolic Syndrome, NAFLD/NASH, how it affects their mood, and more on the Onegevity Youtube channel. And join our Onegevity Professionals Network on LinkedIn to connect with others like you! And as always, message us on social media or email, and we will get back to you with answers!