Convenient, comfortable, and efficient blood collection device

We are proud to offer the Drawbridge Health OneDraw™ Blood Collection Device* in the health and wellness space.

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5 Minutes or less

Avg. start to finish—from application to collection.

*The OneDraw Blood Collection Device is part of the OneDraw A1C Test System

We’re reinventing the blood draw experience, not the analysis.

Step 1 - Healthcare Professional preps site and applies the OneDraw device to the upper arm.

Step 2 - Start the virtually painless device collects a small amount of blood.

Step 3 - Healthcare professional sends the sample to the clinical laboratory for analysis.

See OneDraw Blood Collection Device Instructions for use for further details on how to properly operate the device.

Blood at the press of 2 buttons.

Improved experience
  • Virtually painless
  • No venipuncture
  • No intimidating syringe needle
  • Integrated blood stabilization
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Blood draw reimagined.

The OneDraw device has the potential to revolutionize the corporate wellness experience. It's quick, comfortable, and easy to administer by healthcare professionals.

Corporate wellness and group draws made simple.*

Widely applicable technology for
  • Sports teams
  • Small to large corporations
  • Healthcare practitioner offices
  • Spa, wellness, and fitness centers

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*Supervision of a healthcare professional required

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