Our Science

When you activate your test(s), our Health Intelligence platform asks questions about your medication history, habitual diet, exercise routine, and other important factors that can shape your gut health, hormone levels, metabolism, and lifestyle.

We integrate your information along with your microbiome and/or blood and saliva results to help 'map and track' your health and compare you to others.

Our AI-driven platform can handle trillions of data points and continuously gets smarter with more data inputs.

Our Advanced Gut Microbiome Analysis

Also referred to as whole-genome shotgun sequencing, it's the most advanced gut microbiome sequencing technology available. Our technology has the highest resolution- identifying and measuring bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and parasites down to the species and strain level.

We analyze the DNA of every microorganism found-- which provides a more stable report of gut status. Through virtual metabolomics, we can study your 'DNA fingerprint' in relation to a population to make predictions of pathway fluctuations and metabolic capabilities of your gut.

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How does our gut microbiome analysis compare to others?