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The at-home microbiome, blood, and saliva tests for high-performers, biohackers, executives, and athletes seeking next-level performance and optimal recovery.

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10+ Categories

to compare you to similar high-performers

20+ Biomarkers

from your gut, saliva, and blood tests

Establish and track how the dynamic changes in microbiome, hormones, metabolism, and energy drive the changes within you.

Our next-generation AI-driven data analytics brings you personalized solutions to prevent burn-out, improve stamina and focus, and optimize recovery so you perform your best—day in and day out.

How it Works



Purchase, register your kits online, and answer questions about your lifestyle, habits, and goals. Your responses are integrated into our platform with your physiological results.



Read all instructions before collecting a stool microbiome sample, finger-prick blood collection, and saliva sample with your at-home kits. Mail back in pre-paid envelopes.



Receive personalized recommendations for diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle based on your whole-body results.

Establish a baseline and track the most influential metrics from your gut microbiome affecting performance:

What you learn
Why it's important
Gut diversity
Higher gut diversity is associated with overall health, longevity and athletic performance. Find out how you compare to others alike.
Influences risk for diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, reduced appetite, weight change, and reduced performance.
Short-Chain Fatty Acids
Associated with many positive benefits including energy production and gut integrity, these levels are usually elevated in athletes.
Bile acids
Essential for the absorption of dietary fats and vitamins and crucial for athletes and high-performers.
Find out your gut’s capability of making these nutrients and how it relates to levels in your blood.
Amino Acids
L-Valine is essential for muscle cells, preventing fatigue, and enhancing recovery. Taurine is required for optimal muscle function, energy production, and eye and CNS health. Creatine is used in the process of making immediate energy for the muscles and brain and helps maintain your GI tract lining.

And more!

Next Generation Metagenomic Sequencing

Onegevity uses the most advanced sequencing technology available: whole-genome shotgun sequencing. This in-depth analysis provides the highest possible resolution of your microbiome, allowing us to identify microorganisms from your stool sample down to the species and strain level.

Onegevity uses leading CLIA-certified third-party laboratories for analysis.

Optimize Performbio Blood & Saliva values in relation to your gut microbiome. Learn how your hormones, nutrient status, and metabolism affect your:

Lipid panel (HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, total)
Lipid levels in your body reflect your metabolic efficiency and cardiovascular health.
Vitamin B9 (folic acid)
Crucial for mental and emotional health, RBC formation, and distributing energy.
Vitamin B12
Essential for neurological function, RBC formation, energy, and DNA synthesis.
Cortisol (AM & PM)
The hormone that plays a major role in stress responses, immune, and nervous system. Elevated levels result in suppressed immunity, insulin resistance, hypertension, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, carbohydrate cravings, fat deposits, reduced libido, and bone loss.

Indication of inflammation levels in your body.
Vitamin D
Enables normal mineralization of bones, modulates cell growth, neuromuscular, and immune function, and reduces inflammation. Athletes can benefit from higher ranges.
Performance Drive
Necessary for men and women and plays a major role in muscle size and strength, fat distribution, bone mass, and sex drive.
An adrenal gland hormone supporting the production of testosterone and estrogen, slowing the aging process, enhancing bone mineral density in men and women. Reduces menopausal effects in women.
Supports bone health, blood flow, and brain cell balance.
Important for healthy reproduction regular cycles, mood, optimal body composition, and sex drive.

Onegevity utilizes the results from your questionnaire to show your metrics:

Stress load. Track how your day-to-day stress, including environmental and work, is affecting your performance.

Training load. Is your training compromised from your gut or hormone health?

Nutrition. Are you staying hydrated, eating the right macronutrients at the right times?

Sleep. Onegevity considers consistent, high-quality, and effective sleep a top priority.

Mood. Staying motivated is hard—learn how your habits affect your capabilities.

Providing the best possible recommendations for diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle to upgrade your performance to the next level!

What You Get

Simple at-home tests. Use and return in pre-paid envelopes.

Full gut profile comparing you to others, blood and saliva metrics and visuals of optimized ranges for high performance.

Integrated results of your body measures and how they relate to your performance.

AI-driven recommendations diet and supplementation that are scientifically based and reviewed by medical professionals.

Results are trusted by the best

  • Professional Teams
  • Olympic Athletes
  • Biohackers
  • Senior-level Executives
  • Coaches, Trainers, Health Coaches
  • Military
  • Those looking to recover better and train smarter

How is Onegevity Different?

We’re the only company integrating and capturing multi-omic metrics from an individual. We use saliva, blood, biome, and validated questionnaires to provide you a visual of all aspects of your performance and actionable insights for you to thrive — recover better and live smarter.

Compare how you stack up to other athletes and adults your age in all aspects of performance and take your performance to the next level.

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