Professional Benefits

Reduce overhead

Avoid inventory management or fronting the cost of tests

View results first

Access and review before your consult

Actionable recommendations

Optimize health fast with specific supplements and lifestyle changes

User-friendly interface

Easy-to-read education and report insights

Printable results

Easily add to a medical chart

Extra education

Webinars, articles, newsletters, and access to our science team help you become an expert

Earn rebates or extend the discount

Create passive income or offer discounts to clients

Sales support

Directly connect with the Onegevity team through your dedicated sales rep

HIPAA compliant platform

Private sharing of results for in-person or telehealth consults

Access the Health Intelligence Platform and use all Onegevity’s offerings with clients

Join a growing network

Join the growing network of Professionals using the Onegevity Health Intelligence Platform

  • Functional and Integrative Medicine Practitioners
  • Doctors, PAs, NPs from all specialties
  • RDs, NDs, Physical Therapists, Health Coaches
  • Sports Medicine Professionals, Coaches, Strength and Athletic Trainers
  • Chiropractors, Acupuncturists
  • Research Scientists & Clinical Teams